Finding U Healing was founded  in December 2020 by Shanisha (Nisha) Glover. The company’s main goal is to help others in need while sharing love, light and inspiration.

         Finding U Healing consists of wellness holistic services such as Reiki energy Healing services and classes, Houses blessings n cleanses, spiritual foot soaks, and spiritual readings, candle n ebook products.



Nisha Shanel is a psychic medium, Reiki master/ healer/ speaker, wife, mother of 3 as well as an intuitive spiritual mentor and guide. Nisha Shanel specializes in Reiki energy healing, Mediumship and helping others tap into their authentic self. Nisha Shanel works with only love and light and for your highest and greatest good. Nisha Shanel got into Reiki healing when she herself fell in love with this amazing technique. Nisha Shanel became a Reiki master, a person who can perform and teach Reiki  a month after having 2 sessions done of herself from a local master. Nisha Shanel loves the power of Reiki and wants to share it with you guys. 

The difference between Nisha Shanel and many other Reiki masters is that while performing Reiki, Nisha Shanel is able to receive intuitive messages from spirit such as spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, your higher self and angels. so you get a healing and a some empowering messages and guidance. Come book and enjoy an amazing mind, body and soul healing experience with Nisha Shanel.