What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a technique that relieves stress, anxiety, depression while promoting healing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Reiki is not used to heal illnesses and diseases, even though it sometimes can. Reiki is known to help many conditions and have so many benefits which is listed below. Reiki energy healing is also used in about 800 hospitals all over the world and more every day . There are many different ways to perform Reiki. Finding U uses Western Usui Reiki and  used hands off so I will not be touching u in any way. Shanisha's hands will be above your chakras/ energy points of your body. if at a distance/over the phone session, Shanisha will do the same just she would visualize you are in front of her. Reiki Energy Healing is done by Shanisha channeling reiki energy through her into her hands onto you. Its a wonderful experience and a powerful healing. Everyone should try it at least once. 

Reiki Benefits?

  • Balances energy and  chakras 
  • promotes healing in all aspects in your life
  • Aids in weight loss and more healthy habits
  • relieves guilt, shame, fear, jealously, etc
  • creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension
  • aids better sleep
  • reduces blood pressure
  • can help with acute injuries and aches n pain 
  • can help with asthma, headaches, and aids the breaking of addictions
  • remove energy blockages, bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • assists the body on cleaning itself from toxins
  • raises the vibrational frequency of the body
  • helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • helps calms the nerves
  •  awakens and strengthens intuition
  • helps with past traumas
  • helps with self esteem, self love and loving others in a healthy way.
  • helps with creativity and writers block
  • enhances your sexual desires and fertility 
  • && SO MUCH MORE !!

Who can receive Reiki?

  • People all ages: children, teenager, adults, elderly, pregnant 
  • Pets
  • no need to have a specific belief or religion

What happens in a session?

Reiki master, Shanisha might play some calming music to have you relax and sometimes might ask u to close your eyes. Reiki master, Shanisha, sends loving, light healing energy through your body by laying hands over your body. Reiki energy flows through Reiki master's hands and is transferred onto you. Distant healing is the same, Reiki master Shanisha just visualize you are in front of them same effect. Also, While performing sessions, Shanisha gets guidance messages from spirit (spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and past loved ones) and will tell you that, what chakras were unbalanced and anything else she felt if any at the end of session. During a session, you might feel light tingling, light temperature changes, might see different colors, visions, and memories, might experience different smells such as roses, perfumes of deceased loved ones, or u might not feel anything. Everyone body is different.

Do Person have to do anything special?  

  •   No just relax and be open
  • Distant Reiki can be done while you"re performing your daily activities including sitting, sleeping, laying down, showering, etc
  • In office Reiki will be done while person laying on massage table.
  • Persons are fully clothed.
  • no hands on

Policy- Sale price is final. No refunds, store credit is only giving if applicable.